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Topical Quiz Week 12

Date   24/09/12

1 With the same name as a well known politician’s surname, what is the name of the estate in Tameside, Manchester,  where two women police officers were gunned down?


2 Colombian singer Shakira is expecting her first child. Name the Barcelona footballer who is the father.


Gerard Pique
3 Which news reader confessed to dyeing her grey hair because age is an issue for women on TV?


Fiona Bruce
4 Six-year-old Will Smith accidently ran up a £2,000 bill on his grandfather’s iPad playing which game?


Tiny Monsters
5 Which comedian has been shortlisted for the 2012 Roald Dahl Funny Prize for his novel ‘Gangsta Granny’?


David Walliams
6 Nick Clegg has apologised for not keeping his word on what?


Tuition fees
7 A specialist team of doctors have flown out to which ‘Camp’ in Afghanistan following the unexpected birth of a baby boy?


Camp Bastion
8 Which male singer’s new-born baby has been called Theodora ‘Teddy’ Rose?


Robbie Williams
9 Name the Government Chief Whip who directed a volley of abuse at a policeman guarding Downing Street after not being allowed to cycle out of the main gates.


Andrew Mitchell
10 Which gangland boss from south London died aged 78?


Charlie Richardson
11 Which player scored a last-minute winner for Real Madrid against Manchester City in a Champions League match in Madrid?


Cristiano Ronaldo
12 Which former Radio 1 Breakfast show host spoke at the recent UKIP party conference in Birmingham?


Mike Read
13 Watches worth £500,000 were stolen from Selfridges in Exchange Square in which English city?


14 Rosalind Adams is leaving Radio 4’s rural soap ‘The Archers’ after 25 years, after playing which character?


Clarrie Grundy (another actress will take her place)
15 Because of the spread of bovine tuberculosis, what animals can be now be shot as part of a pilot cull on some Crown land in west Somerset?


16 Name the 46 year South African heavyweight shot dead who beat Wladimir Klitschko to win the WBO title in 2003.


Corrie Sanders

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