Sep 18

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Topical Quiz Week 11

1 Who told Andrew Marr the ‘green shoots for the recovery’ are on their way for the British economy? John Major
2 Which UK No 1 hit single from 1963 recently reached No 12 following the Hillsborough Report? ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ 
3 Which actor’s portrayal of King Lear at London’s Almeida Theatre has been called ‘simply brilliant’ by The Times? Jonathan Pryce’s
4 Professor Sid Watkins who has died aged 84 was the doctor-in-chief of which sport? Motor racing (F1)
5 Photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge sunbathing topless in which country have been published in a number of newspapers and magazines? France
6 Who scored for Manchester United in a 4-0 victory against Wigan Athletic in his 700thappearance for the club? Paul Scholes
7 Who plays the female lead opposite Tommy Lee Jones in the recently released midlife romantic comedy film ‘Hope Springs’? Meryl Streep
8 What device is to be an inch taller, 18% thinner and 20% lighter than its last version? i-phone 5 (4G-enabled iPhone) 
9 Christopher Stevens the US ambassador to which country has been killed in an attack along with three other staff members? Libya
10 Defects in the five-door Qashqai model of which car manufacturer, have forced a recall of around 7,000 cars sold in the UK in 2012? Nissan
11 Which Radio 1 disc jockey hosted his last show on the station after eight years as the breakfast host? Chris Moyles
12 Name the Fleet Street editor who hosted a BBC 2 radio show from 1986 to 1991 who has died aged 82. Derek Jamieson
13 Which Olympic gold medallist launched her autobiography ‘Between the Lines’? Victoria Pendleton
14 Which 73 year old British trainer of 10 English Classic winners is to retire at the end of the season? John Dunlop

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