Nov 14

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Topical Quiz 16

Topical Quiz  21/10/2013

1 Name the new BBC2 television comedy series named after a town in Tyne and Wear.  ‘Hebburn’
2 BBC Radio 2 is currently giving listeners another chance to hear Charles Hazlewood’s eight-part profile of which musician called ‘All the Right Notes’?  Andre Previn
3 Who recently became the first female author to win the Man Booker prize on two occasions?  Hilary Mantel
4 Who became the first British woman tennis player to win a WTA tour title since 1988? Heather Watson
5 What is the usual first name of the Austrian stuntman fell to earth from the edge of space.  Felix Baumgartner
6 Which comedian is suing the Daily Mail for libel after it called him a racist? Frankie Boyle
7 A 23 year old former law student from Manchester called John Whaite won what title?  Great British Bake Off
8 At which racecourse did Frankel win his 14th and last race? Ascot
9 Specialist digging equipment is being used to search for missing Ben Needham on which island? Kos
10 It was announced on 17 October 2012 that who is to be dropped from his Radio 2 Wednesday 7pm flagship folk show to be replaced by Mark Radcliffe in 2013? Mike Harding

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