Oct 16

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Topical Quiz 15

1 An elderly Bedford couple bought more than they bargained for from a car boot sale. What did they buy? A cannabis plant
2 A teenage girl had part of her stomach removed after drinking what at a cocktail bar in Lancaster? Liquid nitrogen
3 Hugo Chavez has been re-elected president of which country?


4 Who announced an intention to be the first professional musician to sing in space?


Sarah Brightman
5 Which car maker has recalled 7.4 million cars worldwide?


6 Prince William left his wife to carry out public duties in the North-East so he could attend the funeral of Olga Powell. How was she involved in his life? Former nanny
7 Boris Johnson said: ‘If I am a mop then, Dave you are a ….’ – what is the missing word? ‘…broom’
8 Which celebrity had his fish cafe in Brighton broken into and the safe stolen?


Dermot O’Leary
9 Name England’s stand-in captain who score twice in England’s 5-0 win against San Marino.


Wayne Rooney
10 Who or what won the Nobel Peace Prize?


European Union

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