Nov 14

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Topical Quiz 14


1 In the annual pre-Labour Conference football match the MPs beat the journalists 3-0. Who scored twice?


Ed Balls
2 Sir Roger Moore has urged customers to boycott Fortnum and Mason until they stop selling which product?


Foie gras
3 The Transport Secretary pulled the plug on the bidding process to run trains on the West Coast rail link. Who is the Transport Secretary?


Patrick McLoughlin
4 A memorial plaque at the former home of Sir Jimmy Savile has been removed after it was defaced with graffiti. In which town was the plaque?


5 Rapper Psy became the first pop star from which country to top the UK singles chart with his song ‘Gangham Style’?


South Korea
6 Chief executive Philip Clarke was under pressure for presiding over his company’s first drop in UK profits for 25 years. What is his company?


7 Whose ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ partner had to pullout after fracturing an ankle in rehearsals?


Johnny Ball’s
8 Name the radical cleric born in Cairo who has been extradited to the USA.


Abu Hamza
9 Which British film director has said he may end his own life at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland after being told by liver specialists that he had less than 18 months to live?


Michael Winner
10 It has been revealed that over one billion people around the world now log on to which social networking site more than once a month?


11 Which American magician has revealed that his next stunt will be to spend three days and nights standing in the centre of a million volts of electric currents?


David Blaine
12 Manchester United played a Champions League game against CFR Cluj. In which country is Cluj based?


13 Which member of Abba has returned to the recording studio after more than eight years of musical silence?


Agnetha (Faltskog)
14 Union workers want to stop paying which famous trade union leader’s £34,000 a year rent on his £1.5 million London flat?


Arthur Scargill


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