Jul 20

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Quiz Pack Service

The bane of any quiz compilers’ life is the sheer torture involved in setting questions. It’s labour intensive and books are out of date and more often than not riddled with mistakes.

Why not avail yourself of Quizmail’s services. We provide everything to make your quiz night a success – you just sit back and reap the rewards.

Quiz packs start from £3-00 with the usual mix of general knowledge, sport, films, television, pop music, history, geography, politics, food and drink, science, fashion and the arts.

Often they incorporate topical questions as well. Click Here to sample our free quizzes.

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2 comments on “Quiz Pack Service

  1. i arrange charity quizes and have used “quizline 21″ a random number type quiz.
    Do you have a similar product? for sale
    Do you have packs with question/answer papers with general knowledge questions.

    • Hi Paul

      Sorry I’ve been a bit slow coming back to you but the quiz leagues have been starting up and it’s been rather hectic to say the least. We can provide quizzes to any format, just email a sample of what you’ve been using (or explain) and I’ll come straight back to you with a price.

      Very best wishes



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