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Free Pub Quiz Questions and Answers – Sample 3

THE ENGLISH MOTORWAY THE M1 Name the towns or cities served by the M1
1    Kenilworth Road is the name of a football ground in this town    Luton
2    Large town on the River Dearne, for whom Michael Parkinson, ‘Dickie’ Bird and Geoffrey Boycott all played cricket    Barnsley (Cricket Club)
3    City – northern destination of the M1    Leeds
4    About 60 miles north-west of London, it was formally designated as a new town on 23 January 1967
Milton Keynes
5    Home to the Crucible Theatre, venue of snooker’s World Championship    Sheffield
6    Has history of the manufacture of boots and shoes – third largest town in England without city status
7    Its rugby league team is known as the ‘Wildcats’    Wakefield (Trinity Wildcats)
8    City in East Midlands, its Roman name is Ratae Corieltauvorum    Leicester
9    Home of Trent Bridge cricket ground    Nottingham
10    City – can be a hat or a famous horse race at Epsom    Derby

1    When translated, which Macaulay Culkin film was titled ‘Mum, I Missed the Plane’ in France?
Home Alone
2    On what animal would you be if you were sitting in a howdah?    Elephant
3    Which British player won mixed doubles titles at Wimbledon in 1983 and 1984 partnering Wendy Turnbull of Australia?    John Lloyd
4    Which landmark Parisian building was designed by Lord Rogers of Riverside in the early 1970s?
The Pompidou Centre
5    Which car company manufactures the Panda model?    Fiat
6    Because of a bomb hidden in his clothing in 2001, terrorist Richard Colvin Reid was given what nickname?
‘The Shoe Bomber’
7    The wife of Abraham in the bible and Princess Margaret’s daughter share what name?    Sarah
8    What vegetables are used in a dish made ‘à la Crécy’?    Carrots
9    Who once said at US customs ‘I have nothing to declare except my genius’?    Oscar Wilde
10    Which country with a ‘Z’ in its name has Maputo as its capital?     Mozambique

DEREK  What is the surname of the following Dereks?
1    Former character in Coronation Street played by Peter Baldwin    Wilton
2    Former editor of the Daily Express, Daily Star and News of the World    Jameson
3    Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1992    Walcott
4    Played Bernard Woolley in television comedies ‘Yes, Minister’ and ‘Yes, PrimeMinister’    Fowlds
5    Reverend Mervyn Noote, a bishop’s chaplain in the sitcom All Gas and Gaiters’    Nimmo
6    Drummer with the Bay City Rollers    Longmuir
7    British athlete who at the 1992 Olympic Games tore his hamstring in the 400 metres but managed to complete a full lap of the track with the assistance of his father    Redmond
8    Five-time winner of Le Mans 24 hour race    Bell
9    Former Essex and England cricket all-rounder born in 1958    Pringle
10    Former political lobbyist now married to GMTV presenter Kate Garraway    Draper

MONOPOLY  Identify the places on a traditional London Monopoly board from the clues.
1    Home of Somerset House, London    Strand
2    Now home to the flagship store of Waterstone’s, until 1999 base of Simpson’s, then one of the UK’s leading clothes stores    Piccadilly
3    In 2011, The Saturday’s turned on this street’s Xmas Lights    Oxford Street
4    Home of the British newspapers until the 1980s    Fleet Street
5    Contain’s Britain’s primary war memorial – The Cenotaph    Whitehall
6    Home of The Blind Beggar, a pub made notorious by Ronnie Kray    Whitechapel Road
7    Home of the five-star hotels The Dorchester and Grosvenor House Hotel    Park Lane
8    Location of statues of William Shakespeare, Sir Isaac Newton, Sir Joshua Reynolds, William Hogarth and Charlie Chaplin    Leicester Square
9    Only former pub on London Monopoly board    The Angel, Islington
10    At its centre is Nelson’s Column    Trafalgar Square

1    What name is given to the cheese from California, which was first mass-marketed by businessman David Jack?     Monterey Jack
2    What is the name of the right wing group of the Conservative Party that was formed in 1960 in reaction to Harold Macmillan’s ‘Wind of Change’ speech?    Monday Club
3    ALC is the airport code for which Spanish airport?    Alicante
4    Which ‘C’ is a cat-like mammal that produces musk, highly valued as a fragrance and stabilizing agent for perfume industry?    Civet
5    Which actress described her role in the Harry Potter films as ‘Miss Jean Brodie in a wizard’s hat’?
Dame Maggie Smith
What does the following ‘Dingbat’ mean?

7 S to a T P P


7 Sides to a Twenty Pence Piece

What anagram of the word GERMAN has a connection with Christmas?



8 Following an allegation of academic misconduct, Pál Schmitt has recently resigned as president of which country?

Estonia    Slovenia    Hungary

Answer  HUNGARY  

9  What’s the first name of Mr Darcy, a major character in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ by Jane Austen??

Fitzwilliam    Fitzroy    Fitzgerald

Answer  Fitzwilliam

10 Calabrese is the best known variety of which vegetable?

Broccoli    Cabbage    Kale

Answer       Broccoli

How many pro boxing contests did Mike Tyson contest?    50

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