Sep 07

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1 Which American comedienne has died aged 95?  Phyllis Diller
2 Which Grand Slam singles winner did Laura Robson send into retirement when she beat her in the second round of the US Open?  Kim Klijsters
3 Louise Clarke who has died aged 63 was a founding member of which dance troupe?  Pan’s People
4 Apple has asked the US District Court for a preliminary injunction to ban the sales of eight versions of mobile phones of which company?  Samsung
5 Name the former environment minister who said the PM must decide if he is ‘a man or a mouse’ after urging him to push through the development of a third runway at Heathrow.  Tim Yeo
6 Who has deleted his Facebook account run under the pseudonym ‘Spike Wells’ after recent bad publicity?  Prince Harry
7 Name the tropical storm that hit the USA.  Isaac
8 What was reported to be running loose in two fields near St Osyth?  A lion (accept similar)
9 Which athlete’s wife, Tania, has given birth to twin girls?  Mo Farah’s
10 In the news in August 2012 following a widely-reported diplomatic dispute, of which country is Rafael Correa the president?  Ecuador
11 Sun Myung Moon the founder of the ‘Moonies’ has died. What is the official name of the ‘Moonies’?  Unification Church
12 Writing in The Observer, which man of the church asserted that Tony Blair and George W Bush should face trial at the International Criminal Court over the Iraq war?  Desmond Tutu
13 In which country did Max Bygraves die?  Australia
14 Striker Dimitar Berbatov has joined which club from Manchester United?  Fulham
15 Singer Katie Melua has married which former world Superbike (motor cycling) champion?  James Toseland
16 Name the multimillionaire head of the world’s biggest advertising firm, WPP, who has backed Nick Clegg’s assertion that the rich should pay more tax?  Sir Martin Sorrell

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