Aug 21

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1 Who married his fourth wife, jewellery designer Jennifer Wade?


John Cleese
2 Which Republic of Ireland footballer has announced his international retirement after gaining 125 caps?


Shay Given
3 Name Britain’s largest rail operator that has won the bid to run the West Coast Mainline from December, taking over from Virgin?


4 Which Dutch brewer has bought Tiger, the bestselling Asian beer?


5 Name the outgoing BBC Director General set to become the chief executive of the New York Times Company.


Mark Thompson
6 Helen Gurley-Brown, the editor-in-chief of which magazine for 32 years has died aged 90?


7 A couple in their 40s from Suffolk named Adrian and Gillian Bayford have been in the news. Why?


They won the £148 Euromillions jackpot
8 Which comic faces closure after its circulation dipped below 8,000 a week?


The Dandy
9 Name the ‘voice of darts’ who has died aged 72.


Sid Waddell
10 Who has become engaged to Justin Theroux, an American actor, director and screenwriter?


Jennifer Aniston
11 Name the Scottish actress and former model, best known for her portrayal of Amy Pond in the TV series ‘Doctor Who’ set to leave the show at the end of the current series.


Karen Gillan
12 Which former WBA world heavyweight champion has died aged 54 after a long battle with liver cancer?


Michael Dokes
13 In which city would you find the Wankdorf Stadium, where England recently beat Italy in a football international?


Bern (Switzerland)
14 Prince Philip was admitted to a hospital in which Scottish city?


15 Police in which country opened fire and killed at least 35 striking miners in which country?


South Africa
16 How has 58 year old Tony Nicklinson been in the news? Locked-in stroke victim paralysed from neck down lost court case to allow doctors to end his life without fear of prosecution


17 Rio Ferdinand has been fined £45,000 by the FA after a he endorsed a tweet about which footballer, claiming he was a ‘choc ice’, someone black on the outside but white on the inside?


Ashley Cole

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