Sep 11

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1 Which former Colonel in the British army, now an MP says he was approached before the summer break to mount a ‘stalking horse’ leadership bid against David Cameron?


Bob Stewart
2 Damien Hirst will unveil a 66ft sculpture of a naked, pregnant woman in which seaside town in Devon next month?


3 Who won the recent ‘Celebrity Big Brother’?


Julian Clary
4 Who scored two goals for England in their 5-0 victory against Moldova?


Frank Lampard
5 Prince Harry has been sent to which country for a four-month tour of duty?


6 Name the TV naturalist who has died aged 66 while being treated for leukaemia.


Terry Nutkins
7 Who plays Anna, in the recently released film ‘Anna Karenina’?


Keira Knightley
8 How has Judge Peter Bowers been in the news? Told criminal Richard Rochford that he had shown ‘huge courage’ when committing a series of burglaries


9 Who did Andy Murray defeat in the semi-final of the US Open?


Tomas Berdych
10 What was broadcast live for the first time in six years on Spain’s public TV?


11 Name the boss of Endemol the TV production company responsible for Big Brother, who has been appointed chairman of the Arts Council.


Sir Peter Bazalgette
12 Who moved from Culture to Health in the cabinet reshuffle?


Jeremy Hunt
13 Over 40 striking gold and platinum miners have been shot dead by police in which country?


South Africa
14 Which American singer/songwriter best known for his hit ‘Games People Play’ has died aged 72?


Joe South
15 Which team won cricket’s County Championship?


16 Which 42 year old spin bowler who played 11 Tests for England is to retire at the end of the season?


Robert Croft

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